About our car

About our car

This is her: our 1994 Toyota Landcruiser HJZ75. We bought her in 2012, after intensive searching (and saving). We had to look all over Europe for over a year, only to find her blocks away from where Leon grew up (seriously!).

Why a Landcruiser? When we started saving up, we did a lot of research on which car to buy. Soon it became clear that we wanted either a Landrover or a Landcruiser, as those have the best track record and global presence (so knowledge and spareparts):

  • A Landrover looks nice, is not too expensive, doesn’t rust and is easily disassembled. Then again, it breaks down very often and is rather uncomfortable.
  • A Landcruiser is more expensive (1,5-2x more), does rust and is mechanically more complex. But it is much more durable, comfortable and slightly spacier.

There is an Australian saying: “If you want to into the bush, drive a Landrover. If you want to come out of the bush, drive a Landcruiser.” That about said it all. So after many consultations, tonnes of advice and uncountable opinions, we decided to go with Toyota, as most NGO’s, armies and other professional users favour it. We were never disappointed until this day.

As we wanted the car to be merely mechanical (and because of cost) we chose to not buy a new one, but rather a good used car. When we bought the car, it had 312.000km on its clock (just out of its youthfull years, many remarked). It was already laid out as a camper van, with a pop-up roof. We are the fourth owners, after the previous two owners have perfected it for travelling. Which they did: the car has been to Africa several times, to South America and many short trips.