Some details on the exterior of the car:

– ARB bullbar, with additional toe-hooks
– antenna for 27MC or FM radio
– additional beamlights
– 24V winch Champion 12.000 lbs, with steel cable
– optional treelines, for fending off overhanging branches

– Safari snorkel, with either cyclone or regular opening
– stickers: we have added our names, blood types and flags to the car in 3 different languages (western, Russian and Arabic)
– fuel inlets: as the car has two fuel tanks, it also has two seperate fuel inlets, closed off by locks
– fresh water inlet
– rocksliders (custom made): great side-bottom protection for harder offroad conditions
– sandplanks: both sides of the car are equipped with rails to which sandplanks can be fixed (2 each)

– spare tyre: the back door offers one spare wheel to be adjusted
– working light: a bright LED working light has been added, to provide additional light when backing up the vehicle or add camping light
– bumper with fold-up step: the rear bumper is solid steel, with a fold-up step to easy entry to the living compartment

– tyres: the car is equipped with BF-Goodridge All-Terrain tyres (235/85/16), which cover a wide range of terrains and are pretty wear resistant. Road pressure is about 3-3,5 bar, field pressure somewhere around 1,5 bar.
– rims: standard Toyo LC rims
– free wheel hubs: the car is equipped with free wheel hubs, making it able to drive in 2WD for more fuel and wear economy
– leaf springs (11 blades) and shock absorbers: heavy duty Old Man EMU
– water tank: a 60l. fresh water tank is installed underneath the car
– extra fuel tank: next to the standard 80l. diesel tank, an additional 160l. tank was added, bringing the total fuel capacity to 240l.
– Dinitrol: the bottom of the car is rust-protected by Dinitrol wax treatments

– pop-up roof: the roof of the car is made of aluminium tearplate, which pops up, pivoting at the front of the car, to open to a sleeping compartment. The sides are canvas and it has a hatch for ventilation and access to the roof. The roof was manufactured and installed by Innovation Campers
– solar panel: a solar panel is fixed to the roof, which feeds into the household batteries
– airplane rails: the roof is lined with airplane rails, which offers flexible and movable hooks for strapping equipment or a spare tyre
– camping rails: the sides of the roof are lined with standard camping rails, to fix tents or canopies
– roof rack: a small roof rack was added to fix equipment, without damaging the roof

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