Interior – Driving


The driving compartment is not new, but quite comfortable, for longer journeys:
– Comfy chairs: Scheel orthopedic chairs have been installed – For music an iPod holder and connector is available, and four speakers are installed to a basic radio
– 27MC and FM radio: for communicating with other group members we have both a 27MC and a FM transmitter available
– Navigation: both through a mobile phone and a tablet, connected to 12V and radio
– Cockpit car-position unit: convenient for field navigation, it has three clocks: angles of the car (front to back and side to side) and altitude. It also has a green reading-light for the navigator to use in the dark
– Head compartments and netting: for stowing stuff, overhead compartments and ceiling netting have been made. Very handy!
– Locks: apart from the regular locks, we use a steering wheel lock for protection
– Saw and Maglite: ready for use, a folding saw and an LED Maglite are attached to the drivers’ door
– Cupholders: four to be precise! 🙂
– Workplace manuals: we carry several workplace manuals in a document case

The top-loader refrigerator has been placed right behind the seets, in the middle of the car. This way cool drinks and food is always at hand while driving.

Furthermore, the car has airconditioning and post-installed cruise control for extra comfort.

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