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The interior of the car is not very big, but sufficient for two persons to live: sit, stand, cook, sleep, eat, etc. Any extra passenger (guide, hitcher) would have to sit in the back, without proper facilities. The car has a pop-up roof, that gives way to the sleeping area, up-top.

The interior is built very sturdy by a professional carpenter. It is U-shaped, with two seats in the back (with cargo boxes underneath), a 2-pit stove, a box with safe and gas-installation, a top-loader fridge in the middle, a clothing box and a small washbasin.

The interior is 12V-powered, by two gel-batteries. There is a switchboard, with fuses, where the 24V of the engine is transformed into 12V and where external 220V can enter the car through a transformer. It even holds a ground fault circuit interruptor. The batteries are kept level by a roof solar panel. Regular 220V equipment can be used by a 12V-220V converter.

Clean water is carried in a 70 liter tank underneath the car. The water is pumped up, after which it purified by a 3M filter inside, to clean possible contaminants from the drinking water. The fridge (a 36l. Waeco toploader) is conveniently located right behind and between the front seats, so when driving, beverages are always at hand. Its capacity is sufficient to store drinks and food, and can hold a standing 1,5 litre soda bottle.

Light is provided by two LED spots in the roof and a small ceiling light. The car holds several 12V outlets to power extra light, if needed. During the outdoor evenings, an LED string serves as a cosy source of light. More powerful light is provided by a strong LED beam on the back. The interior can be fully blinded from the outside, with removable curtains and sliding cassettes. The removable back-curtain can be replaced by a mosquito curtain. This way, the doors can remain open to ventilate the interior. The sides of the roof canvas can also be zipped open to reveil mosquito netting.

Furthermore, the car carries a diesel-powered block heater for internal heating. It also has a fan for cooling in the sleeping area.

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