About us

About us

Hi, we’re Ine Matthys and Leon Wolthers, from The Netherlands. We’ve been together for a long time and have been married for over ten years. One of our common interests has since been travelling, rugged style. We backpacked through Africa, Asia and South America on several trips and lived in Ghana and the USA.

Just when we were starting to become the hostel’s grandparents, we found a new hobby and means of travelling: by 4×4 camper. In January 2012 we bought our Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 camper. This is when new plans for new travels emerged: Africa, Mediterrenean Sea, India, no shortage of good ambition. And now we are planning to execute those plans.

Ine is of Belgian nationality and works as business analyst for a major Dutch electronics company. Her main hobbies are reading, detective series and… 4x4ing!

Leon is a proud Brabantian: keen on a bourgondic lifestyle and loves to cook. Hobbywise he is a bit of a thrill-seeker, sticking only to basketball and squash as sports, but with an interest in scubadiving, aerial sports and mountaineering to top it off. He is a serious amateur (panorama) photographer (http://panorama.wolthers.org) and works as a business consultant on energy and sustainability issues.

And for the record: the name of our car is Toyota. Or Landcruiser if you will. No puppy names or additional glorifications are needed, the official name says it all. 🙂

For the fun of it, we keep track of how many countries we have visited:

So far the counter is at 60 of 250 countries.
Still, that’s only 24.00% of the world, so quite a few to go! You could have a look at some of these trips in the Previous Trips section.