To Do List

Right. So we are driving half-way across the globe. So far we were experienced backpackers with a few trips in a 4×4. What does it mean to drive such distance? What needs to be done?

A few things we did for preparation:

  • Over the three years we’ve had the car, we came to know it rather well. We spent those years learning to drive in nasty situations. We joined a driving course in Fürstenau, went on a week-long mudtrip to France (Dordogne), drove through Marokko for two weeks and spent quite a few holidays in the car, driving to off-the-grid destinations
  • In summer 2015 we will take a week-long course on car mechanics en-route
  • All critical parts have been checked and replaced, if needed
  • We spoke to several people who did (parts of) our itinerary
  • And of course, we have quite a bit of foreign experience, so we should be able to handle ourselves.