Previous trips

These pages contain brief overviews of some of our more relevant and interesting travels over the years. Most of them merely show locations and pictures, if I ever get to writing these stories they will be added…

Both the map and list below and the pull-down menu above will take you to all destinations.

1Ntorosoro, Ghana01/12/199930/04/2000
2Mexico-Stad, Mexico06/01/200127/01/2001
3Soulac-sur-Mer, Frankrijk07/06/200216/06/2002
4Shannon, Ierland03/08/200224/08/2002
5La Paz, Bolivia03/05/200329/08/2003
6Antananarivo Atsimondrano, Madagaskar08/09/200309/11/2003
7Colombo, Sri Lanka02/09/200424/09/2004
8Kralendijk, Caribisch Nederland21/05/200531/05/2005
9Borso del Grappa, Italië19/08/200509/09/2005
11Playa del Carmen, Mexico30/11/2014 -
12Seattle, Verenigde Staten01/02/2007 -
13Las Vegas, Verenigde Staten30/11/2014 -
14Corte, Frankrijk16/05/200927/05/2009
15Willemstad, Curaçao30/11/2014 -
16Catánia, Italië30/11/2014 -
17Tel Aviv, Israël08/04/201124/04/2011
18Istanboel, Turkije05/11/201113/09/2015
19Nationaal park Plitvicemeren, Kroatië30/11/2014 -
20Oslo, Noorwegen25/08/201216/09/2012
21Veyrignac, Frankrijk27/04/201311/05/2013
22Praag, Tsjechië10/08/201318/08/2013
23Rennes, Frankrijk02/12/2014 -
24Jaza'ir Daymaniyat، Oman21/09/201328/09/2013
25Mhamid, Marokko23/12/201312/01/2014
26Tirana, Albanië12/07/201414/08/2014
27Huesca, Spanje21/06/201504/07/2015